Carrie Creech was raised in the curiosity of sound and shape. From there she explored various materials and methods but found her grounding in clay.

She secured her undergraduate degree from Clemson University in ceramics under Mike Vatalaro and Sue Grier. Following, she continued her studies through various residencies (The Bascom & Starworks), assisting a wealth of ceramic artists (such as Suze Lindsay, Akira Sitake, Lindsay Oesterritter, & Kevin Snipes, etc.) and most recently — an apprenticeship with Penland based potter, Micheal Kline. 

The events of 2020 brought Carrie back to her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina which she translated into an opportunity to establish her studio, build her brand and share her passion of ceramics with the surrounding community.


As life is full of constant change and movement, my current body of work carries questions of curiosity amidst such a change and response. As I remain enraptured with clay, I work towards a gesture to highlight its pliability & fluidity. The interaction of moving clay to assymetry brings an energy and humanity to a vessel that captures a moment in time.

Patterns envelop routine for a solid foundations. I begin most of my work on the potters wheel, centered and symmetrical. Then through a wide variety altering methods I create an intuitive response to the clay. I am drawn to asymmetry. Molding, cutting, darting and pressing allows me to be free to explore the material with waves, ripples, seams. Where will it allow me to go? What limits can I push? Will these seams heal?

Most of my work grows out of seeking to cherish such moments of movement and spontaneity - even if seemingly mundane. I currently look to embrace smaller details inside the overall animated gesture. I want to gain the first impression through a profile but draw the viewer in close through small quiet characters of design.

Where functional ceramics is familiar and usable to most, Carrie challenges utility with an edge of alteration and asymmetry to keep the viewer-user engaged to savor everyday elements. 


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