"Unique designs, handmade with love."

"From my hands to your home."

"Discover the beauty of handmade."

Crafted in Curiosity, Made with Love

Carrie Creech Ceramics creates ceramic vessels to enrich your space, evoke curiosity & challenge ritual in the mundane.

& Welcome!

I'm Carrie, the founder and maker of Carrie Creech Ceramics.  I’ve been making ceramic vessels for almost 20 years.

I love to give people an excuse, neh - the challenge - to slow down and savor the beauty and intentionality of a handmade vessel. I believe handmade pottery enriches our lives, one savored moment at a time.



I was intrigued to find that the vessels felt familiar. I left [the market] that day with the perfect little bowl- not too large, not too small, intentionally and intricately detailed. From cereal to cilantro, it has all the fullness of the rhythm of my days.


Sweet little dish. Beautiful color. Decor piece.


It was far more enjoyable to drink from her mug than anything else we had - which lead to “fights” every morning. We have added a few more of her mugs to allow our guests to share in the benefits and also smooth out our mornings.

Wes Zitnay

Extraordinary cup, Sturdy, easy to hold. great top.

M. Reed

Carrie’s mugs have improved our morning routines and ruined coffee from anything else.

Elyse Z.
Challenge Ritual in the Mundane

Glorify your home with hand-made pure quality ceramics.

Each ceramic piece is handmade, wheel-thrown and altered. These pieces tell a story, not only of their origin, but become a catalyst to connect through and beyond the clay for you to see your own story.

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Why yes! In the summer of 2023 I am offering classes for the first time at my studio! CLICK HERE to learn more.

"Pretty & Functional"? Yes! All my work is functional & intended for use! Each piece is dishwasher safe, but due to harshness of dishwasher detergents hand washing is still recommended.

More about my process, classes & workshops are listed under the UPCOMING tab here on my website. Feel free to send me specific questions though CONTACT.