A Gateway to the Mountains


This Friday, today, I will start my next adventure by moving to Burnsville, NC. For the next two years I’ve been giving the immense honor to work for and along side Michael Kline, a renowned and accomplished ceramic artist. Michael is known for his brush work, keen eye for layers of surface detail & kind spirit. In the late 90's, he was a resident artist at Penland School of Craft and established his own studio in the area following. If you would like to learn more about Michael and his amazing wife, Stacey Lane, please check out his website!

work by M. Kline
Michael Kline


This next endeavor is very different from the artist residencies from my last few years. It’s specific. It’s a longer duration in time. AND, it’s my current alternative approach to grad school.

What’s the difference between an artist residency and an apprenticeship, you say? Residencies typically are to work through ideas or establish a certain body of work, but they can differ in what the actual structure and benefit is depending on the goals of the art organization they are developed by. Some offer stipends or certain resources for an artist but the overall gain for the organization is cross culture connections - usually any where from a 2 week to 1 year commitment. Some residencies require or offer work to the resident while others concentrate solely on developing a body of artwork. Now an apprenticeship, on the other hand,

though similar in exposure is more singular in relationship. Apprentice and master artist. It gives one on one mentorship and guidance through a material, the business & art to living as an artist. Most traditional apprenticeship models are 2-3 year in duration. The general thought is the first year is the investment and training year where the second year is the apprentice’s time to show the return of investment.

So, in exchange for experience with Michael and a studio aside his for my own ceramic practice I will work for him doing certain tasks to make his production smooth & steady. We will create a team working environment and I’m so excited and honored to be apart of it!

I would love your support along the way. This season is going to be ground breaking for me on a number of levels. It comes to me currently at a frightening rate -- all the change -- but also exhilarating. Confirmations abound, while though I am stepping out of so many zones of my familiar, there is more promise to this step than I can wrap my head around. I hope to share some of those moments as I discover them for myself. Will you be a listening ear and resounding voice outside of the Burnsville/Bakersville hub? I long to stay connected with you all!

If any of you are in the area, PLEASE stop by and say hello! I would be delighted for a visit and give you a tour around the studio!


Now that the biggest news is out of the bag, a few pictures to share with you from my road trip up to Maine at the end of August. The journey was initially to assist Suze Lindsay at Haystack Mountain School for Crafts, but I also stopped to see good friends along the way and enjoy the stunning beauty throughout New England. The photos of my work above are all from this session.

A Creek by Martha Grover's Studio in Bethel, ME

Haystack's Ceramic Studio

Haystack studio visitor

A lidded vessel