Wood, Fire & Flame

Hello ALL!

FIRST OFF, my online Christmas sale with new items from the wood firing in my online shop will be LIVE December 10 at 8pm. Anyone receiving this email is getting the first alert of the sale so you have a prime spot to shop before the sale goes public on 12/12. Just use offer code: XMAS18 for 20% off.

IN OTHER NEWS, back in October I applied to extend my residency duration here at STARworks. When planning for the residency in the Spring I didn’t think that extension might be feasible for me. After settling in a few weeks, it became clear that three months was not enough time to dig deep into ceramics the way I need to at this point in my career.

My application was accepted and Grey & I will be at STARworks through the end of April.

Residency duration:


Folks, I’m still exhausted from the wood fire and that was all of three weeks ago. Bronchitis set in shortly after we unloaded the following Wednesday. It was worth every moment. Many of us

learned so much - about the kiln, about one another & communication. It was a humbling experience. Ten people participated by putting in their pots, helping with the preparation, manning the kiln for 2 shifts during the firing & clean up. The firing ended up being about 50 hours to fire. Overall the firing went rather smoothly and efficiently from my small understanding of woodfiring. All parties involved were happy with the results and we didn’t have many losses, which are always a possibility in atmospheric firings more than I learned a TON and look forward to continuing that learning through next term.

Below are all of the artists that participated in this years STARworks fall firing and MAN, are the PROS.

Kate Johnston

Levi Mahan

Jared Zehmer

Sue Grier

Mike Simmons

Nathan Goddard

Sarah Matesz

Sydney Williams

Allison Daniel

Here are some finished pieces from the firing and new work (soon in the shop!)

Also, stay tuned for holiday & spring sale locations. As always, thank you for your love and support.

Below are a few photos of the firing: Loading, stoking & the final leg of the firing with the damper closed and salt applied.