Stepping into STAR

Hello friends!

I’ve been gone a little over a week and I’m already missing my amazing Greenville family & friends! I do hope through this blog that I’ll have the opportunity to stay connected to some of you and meeting new folks along the way by sharing a little bit of this next adventure — a short term ceramics residency in at STARworks Center for Creative Enterprise in Star, NC. I’ll be here for the next three months and some change working in various roles at Starworks (in the ceramic studio, gallery & cafe!) as well as working away in the studio fine tuning my own work.

A lot of you have asked me in my preparations what a role like this really entails and what benefits it will have for me long term. In case one might still be wondering, my answer for that is dependent on the art center or organization where the residency is located and their goals. In most cases, it’s a mutual benefit: the artist experiences exposure to different resources (be it a person, facilities, materials, various continuing education, etc.) and to the art center of exposure to new approaches, personalities & expressions in their stated material. Artists are required to state a letter of intent and goals.

STARworks has a rather young clay program compared to other residencies in the country, but ever vibrant and growing. It is rooted near its North Carolina traditions through the local neighboring community of the Seagrove Potteries but branches international connections in ceramics. Once on the ground I would say STARworks is distinguished by its welcoming and inspiring hospitality and creativity. The building not only houses the STARworks Clay Studios, but the Ceramics Research & Supply Store, STARworks Glass Studio, Cafe & Bar, the expansive Schoolhouse Gallery and Wet Dog Glass LLC (a furnace building company).

My goal here is to expand my knowledge and experience to grow my current work and build connections. A residency here, in this amazing place, is continuing education for me. Wood firing, wild (forested) clays from local NC resources, and NC traditions in mark making on pots have my mind swarming with ideas. So far, the people throughout the STARworks and ceramic community have extended the warmest reception. Throughout my first week I was constantly introduced to new opportunities and possibilities — even to studio yoga and cardio classes! WILD!

I’ve started making work, but haven’t taken many photos of them yet. My default is to start with something familiar and then start asking questions about where I need to challenge myself. Many plans are falling into place as my time here unfolds.

As always if you have any questions about any of this, or anything really, please send me a message! I hope to update often! Much love to you all! PS: The SKY SCAPES here are AMAZING, don't you think? This is in the middle of a Walmart Parking lot. Seriously.