zombie message

So I really should be in bed right now...as I'm currently running on adrenaline fumes and a tiny bit of caffeine. This is partly due to nerves and partly due to the tough deadlines I've set for myself in the past week. So far, the zombie status has been worth it -- though I can't sustain for much longer.

The fatigue has also allowed me space to reflect as well. It's so hard to believe that tomorrow is my last day of work at the Bascom, the last day at the Dave Drake Clay Barn, the close to an amazing time of hard lessons, clay explorations & personal growth. Three months and it just now seems to feel natural in the work flow and in the relationships built. I feel like I blinked and August turned to November! In some ways I don't want to leave and in others I am wildly ready to return to Greenville.

My planned path for returning to Greenville has even morphed into something different in the past few weeks. I had every intention of returning to my job in Greenville at Downtown Dental after my "maternity leave" (Clay is my baby). After touching base with my boss, Dr. Trey Kenna, I realized that the practice had out grown their need for me in

three months. As much as I needed the job, it was time to continue momentum of the change I've experienced while at the Bascom. That said, I'm now an unemployed/self-employed artist...period. Currently I'm looking for temporary work around Greenville and trying to get into any holiday shows or fairs around the area. I'd be grateful for any leads on either if you all have any!

Now, I'm off to unload a kiln!