a friend, a memory, a legacy

I unknowingly claimed a road trip theme song while driving through these times in Highlands without realizing just how much correlation it has to where I am. I've found myself listening to Patti Griffin's "Go Wherever You Wanna Go" from her American Kid album (a sweet gift from a sweet friend back home- Logan -- thank you dear! I think of you often when listening to it.) At first I hung onto the song because of its hopeful, determined tune which helped me boldly walk into this monumental step (at least for me) as I drove the curvy turns of highway 28. The more I listened, the more the lyrics sunk in and left me asking questions, such as, 'why does this feel so familiar?' After looking into it - this particular album Patti Griffin wrote after the death of her father. This song was her effort to imagine heaven as another way to look beyond her own grief and see a carefree place where a loved one doesn't have to go to war or pay bills anymore.

This week the Bascom is featuring three sculptural figurative artists - Debra Fritts, Nancy Kubale, & Lisa Clague - in a five day workshop plus a one day symposium. A week ago we found out that one of the artists' father had passed away and it wasn't certain that she would be joining the teaching team -- but she came anyway. The week was an amazing one that made a bit of a mark on Bascom workshop history. The students were so moved by their own creative explorations through the skills these incredible women.

I remember the week following my father's passing. I don't know this artist that well and I can't speak for her, but I can imagine this week holds a little bit of stunned emotion. She's a strong woman that is working through her commitments with fervor. Here's to continuing in strides towards our commitments, memories and dedications to carry on the legacies of those we hold dear - one week, three months or three years into change.